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50/ layhan moments: time to look up, yixing~






stop him pls

cease and desist


The link leads to the collage of the images. I rearranged them for our purposes, but the images are almost the same. You get the point.

I used to work with kids and they would have these ideas of gender specific clothing lodged into their cute heads at the age of three or so. That’s why I am not surprised that this idea of clothes being gender specific just stays with you unless someone breaks the pattern.

I will tell you kpop fans the same thing I told those toddlers: there are no boys’ or girls’ clothes, there are only clothes. I didn’t say this next thing to the kids, though: open your fucking eyes! It’s not like you need to have a certain body or genitals or chromosomes to wear a piece of fabric or orther material sown or otherwise pieced together.

And that’s why Kai can wear whatever the hell he (or his stylist!) wants.

- BF

To tell you the true. As a Marketing students, I can tell you another reason why he’s using ” girl’s clothes”.

Female fans. Advertising, They see what oppa is using, they look it up, they buy it. Is often done with skin products in asia, where using a male model tend to attract more females of certain ages.

baekhyun regretting his life choices a.k.a don’t talk about/mess with kyungsoo unless you want to get hurt

Tao Fanboys (Part 1):


As per request, here’s a compilation of some of his fanboys.

This is the Tao Japanese fanboy that cosplays as Tao sometimes



Here’s his twitter if y’all ever wanna check him out


This fanboy said “to be able to see…

Anonymous: technically you DID leave sj because exo were newer...


no ok listen to me. have you ever had a sweater that you wore everyday? one with a nice smell, one that was soft and in a colour that you liked; a sweater that you just really loved? then one day you’re out shopping and you see this beautiful sweater. it’s probably the same amount of beautiful as your current sweater, except this sweater is in your favourite colour. you lean forward and it smells like you and you’re like trippin’ balls because how can the sweater smell like you it’s at the shops what hte heck??? but it does. the sweater is perfect for you. but you don’t buy it because, you already have a sweater right?? so you go home. but fuck man, days pass and you still can’t stop thinking about that damn sweater. you feel bad because you feel like you’re abandoning your old sweater;; like your mind is saying current sweater, but your heart is saying new sweater !!! so you finally go and you buy that goddamn sweater. and you try it on and it’s perfect everything is perfect and suddenly you make a whole bunch of new friends who also have the same sweater;; you feel happy and wonder why you even hesitated to buy the sweater in the first place because the sweater is just 300% perfect for you wow. the more you look at it the more beautiful it becomes. obviously you wear your old sweater every now and again, but this new sweater is now a part of you that you can’t even explain. and it hurts when people insult your new sweater and accuse you of only liking it because it was “new,” “trendy,” “shiny” and “mainstream,” because your sweater is so so much more than that. 

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Y A L L 


Minseok. Sir.




when did luhan star in a 1960’s christmas movie??!?!?!?!?



as the lead actress????

he looks like the poor girl in every kdrama

Xiumin’s video got a 19+ rating on Korean video sites | Kiss the Radio, 130819


Guess who, bitches? XD

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