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This blog is about all the random shit plus kpop and my face because I kinda love myself more than I should. Not Narcisse like, you know, but...quite.

Don’t tell anyone I said this. But if I were Jessica I would probably do some marketing alliances with SM and for the next two years SNSD costumes’s comebacks come from my line ;)

I would launch my line, go to school then comeback with a very chick Solo promoting my clothe line and much more. If I get out of the company I would try and contract them or the competition to promote my brand then Launch a male line. 

Just saying….

Sorry i'm almost graduating as Lic. in Marketing, all I'm thinking about is revenge and business. 


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[KO TAE YONG] Watching #FashonKingKorea in #Taiwan. We got 6th on the blind and we look like people who committed the most offensive crime… But we were 3rd place again and our act exploded.ㅋㅋ


cr: kaidois

jongin’s busy hands during wolf

cr: 丹参岛主 | CBKAI

"Well, that’s because I’m not… Kyungsoo Prime. And obviously not the normal Kyungsoo Double either. But I am… from the a point of time way ahead of this moment, you could say." Arbitrage 1/2


I am either the best girlfriend or the worst

Yifan looks so cute with his snapback ( ^◡^)

airborne | do not edit.
airborne | do not edit.

kyungsoo getting shy when the mc talked about his popularity






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